Topics (abc order)

1. Epidemiology and Statistics
2. Evidence Based Medicine for RPL
3. The Prognosis of Couples With RPL
4. Implantation Failure and The Window of Implantation
5. Infertility, Reproductive Endocrinology and RPL
6. Ultrasound of Early Pregnancy
7. Uterine Malformations and Imaging, 3d Ultrasound and RPL
8. Etiology of RPL
9. Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of The RPL Couples
10. Thrombophilia, Coagulation And RPL
11. Antiphospholipid Antibodies In RPL
12. Immunology In RPL
13. Immunomodulatory Treatments for RPL
14. Genetic Aspects of The Embryo and RPL
15. Genetic Aspects of The Couples and RPL
16. The Role of Male Factor and RPL
17. Hormonal Abnormalities And RPL
18. Thyroid Function, Antibodies and RPL
19. Possible Treatments for RPL
20. Progesterone Treatment In RPL
21. Low Molecular Weight Heparin In RPL
22. Psychological Care and Support, Tender Loving Care in RPL
23. Idiopathic and Unexplained RPL
24. New Research and New Frontiers
25. IUFD, Stillbirth, APD
26. Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage
27. Surrogacy
28. Hysteroscopy
29. Third trimester pregnancy complication
30. Machine learning and prognosis of RPL